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Let us optimize all elements of your medical residency application to maximize your chance of matching to 


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At Breakthrough Med Advice (BMA), we understand the stress, the uncertainty and the sleepless nights on the journey to becoming a physician. With competition for medical residency higher than it has ever been, we're here to set your application apart with experts’ professionalism, knowledge, and support you won’t find anywhere else. We will ensure that you optimize all elements of the residency application process, so you can maximize your chance of matching to your dream program. Take advantage of what BMA team has built and created. We look forward to partnering with you as you begin your journey into medicine.

Our Differences
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Our Differences

The advisors at BMA are NOT peer advisors who only know what worked for us when we applied to residency programs. We are NOT entrepreneurs from other industries who give advice based on compiled admission data while not on actual experience in clinical medicine, academic medicine, or medical admissions.


We are a group of professionals with decades of experience in the medical fields who are familiar with every part of the match process. We are passionate about guiding you every step of the way to best convey your personal story, and present you as the best residency applicant you can be.

Our advisory team includes physicians, professional scientific writers and editors, residency program directors, medical school professors, deans, and department chairpersons. We are a diverse group of professionals, working collaboratively, reflecting the real world of academic medicine.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We are honest and straightforward about your prospects of matching to the programs of your dream and what you need to improve. We don’t make empty promises, nor do we offer guarantees. We will help you in the most practical, efficient, and supportive way by offering comprehensive personalized guidance to help you reach your goals.


We work with you comprehensively through your entire residency application process. Our goal is to help you build a stellar application and stand out in the deep applicant pool.

Online meeting

15-Minute Free

We learn a great deal about you in this consultation session. It helps us understand your background, academic accomplishments, goals and objectives, so together we can devise a comprehensive personalized strategy that will optimize your success.

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ERAS Application
Review and Editing

Your ERAS application serves as your first impression on the residency admissions committee. Your BMA advisor will work with you to select the right activities and experiences to highlight, and to formulate them in the most appealing way.


Personal Statement
Review and Editing

Your BMA advisor will use our proprietary step-by-step guidance to help you breakthrough writer's block, avoid cliché, and focus your personal statement on highlighting your strengths, skills, work experiences and achievements for maximum impact on your application.


Interview Preparation


Rank Order List

You know interviewing is a skill. You BMA advisor will shape and perfect your skills through guided practice. We will ask you the “basic questions” as well as the “tough ones” that simulate the real thing. We will also help you identify the red flags in your records, and construct responses that are articulate and thoughtful. By helping you understand how to present yourself and your experiences, you will feel confident and empowered.

Your BMA advisor will help you identify the best suited programs based on the various programs’ strengths, the competitiveness of your application compared to others, your long term career goals as well as your personal preferences.

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